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i hate hackers welp heres [link] new forum post -_-
DiamondInMc caught hacking
can somone please unban me
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X-Ray Assistance

[Admin] baseball5213 a posted Thu at 20:03
X-Ray Assistance
It has come to my attention that admins are way more frequently on the forums then the server. So in an attempt to get help the players that are getting X-Rayed and not being able to let us know (Yes there is always Enjin Message). I've created a simple way to let the admins about a potential X-Ray and you get your items back after we have determined whether it was actually x-rayed. You can access this method my hovering over the "Application" section of the Menu Bar and you will see an "X-Ray Assistance" tab. The admins will get a notification, keep in mind ONLY the admins receive this application.
[Abyss] Tehnoobplanet It's almost as if they don't trust the mods
[Mod] Inducing always gotta find a way to keep mods with less power

GFX Contest!

[Admin] oAta_ a posted Sep 21, 14
Yes! A GFX contest where you can win stuff for being good at Photoshop and guff.

We want the community to give there attempts at making a new banner for enchanted!
Details Below.

- The Dimensions of the banner should be around 1050x140.
- A Color Scheme Of Blue/Purple/Black/White.
- Attempt to make it a GIF! Gifs are awesome! That is all.
- The Banner must include these words/phrases: EnchantedPvP, EnchantedPvP.Net, Virtual Shop, Raiding, Factions, PvP, Multiple Currencies, Auctions & Lottery!

The Winner will receive one kit abyss, one kit abyss1 & 150 Credit Points!

Post your entries here:

The contest will close next month on the 21st of October!
xXSeThVaRneRXx Is the banner for Enchanted supposed to be the banner at the top of the website? Just wondering ...

Out of Town

[Owner] xShadowStrike a posted Sep 20, 14
Out of Town

I will be going out of town this week and will not likely have access to wifi often. Because of this, I have disabled donations to ensure no one experiences issues with a new purchase while I may not be able to help them.
ZombieBlues Enjoy your trip Shadow. It would be nice to meet you when you're finished with your trip. ~MrBlues
[Donor] WillRock92 You don't have a smartphone with a data plan or you won't have service where your going?
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