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who trynna give me kit abyss for 34 gapples?
@shadownight1205 Yes, a long time ago when the map reset.
chicken :D
Did The Command /colorname get deleted?
You do not have access to shout
Updated Rules

The hacking section of the rules has been updated to this:

1. Hacking:
If a player is found or appears to have a hacked client / unfair mod
- Permanent Ban (Can Appeal)
- Repeated Offenses may result in a Permanent Ban without appeal.
If a player appears to be hacking but it is not definitive that they are, a tempban may be issued.

A full list of the rules can be found here:
[Abyss] xclnick gamer i posted this and no one replied so i made a thread, i'd rather ask that get banned
[Abyss] iprodigykid92 No it is not hacking Click
Vemius x xclnick STOP ASKING -.-

So you may have noticed you can't go to your /home, well the reason is that when we updated essentials it blocks setting your home in water/lava/non solid blocks (such as signs etc) or the air. This is to prevent you from being damaged when you go to your home and to prevent tp glitching. I will TEMPORARILY DISABLE this feature for 24 hours to allow you to go to your homes and re-set them on a SOLID block that you can use when we re-enable this feature.

New Admin

A friend of mine, Tehrenderr, recently sold his Factions server because he did not have enough time to run it, but has offered to assist EnchantedPvP with some of his time. I have known him in MC for about 2 years. He is well educated on Factions server and has been working with me over the past month. He can greatly assist the community and the admin team.
patryksysa12 LEL MY HOE IS ON HERE RENDERR ...
[Abyss] iprodigykid92 Still, I would still like to know about his previous work.
[Mod] RezDrone I have trust in shadow, look where he made this server go. It is hard to get a popular server with a stable player base ...

- 1v1 Arenas setup! Type /warp Duels
- Removed Giftboxes. (Re-added when patched)
- Removed blocked commands in water/lava BUT
- Liquid glitching into bases is still blocked
- Updated some various plugins
- Optimized NCP config for less PvP lag/rubberbanding
- New pvp stats plugin

[Abyss] jakeman50 i can't go to my homes ...
Vemius x why are u preventing us from raiding .-.
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