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I couldnt get abyss cuz it was july in USA but Shadow shut down donations
Boomer boy I have proof, I have been in an email conversation with the admins about it, so don't jump to conclusions
You do not have access to shout

I strongly urge everyone to not give out their Skype except to players that they completely trust. You can use the server TS3 that is located on the website or find an alternative way to talk. This is because other players can use your Skype profile to find out your personal information or obtain your IP adress. This being said, if you do give out your Skype to someone and then report them for DDoSing you or releasing your information, it is your fault for trusting them and it is unlikely that we can punish them because getting real proof would be difficult. 
odalmasi Meh brother takes care if someone Ddoss me soo im good
GamerkillA67 i just got my vpn cause all the cool kids have one ...
[Abyss] Laws0nAwes0me i pay 60$ a mouth for ddos protection

4.2 Update

[Owner] xShadowStrike a posted Jul 19, 14
EnchantedPvP 4.2 (The "Fix" Update)

New Features:
- /tpa /tpahere /tpaccept and /sethome are blocked while in lava/water
- Certain abusive words have now been censored
- Anti Snipe for auctions prevents last second bidding
- Hopper recipes fixed
- Fixed server logo
- Fixed nether arena glitches
- Fixed credit points from voting
- Added some items to the starting kit
- Added torches to/kit member
- Added water/lava buckets to the shop
- & more general boring config fixes you don't care about

Note: Player heads are still broken and appear default because of the .jar allowing 1.7.2->1.7.9 clients.
[Donor] shadowknight1205 This Fac server is so...... Unique
GamerkillA67 i hate it can we just be a normal faction server :c
[Abyss] keitow Shadow add back Money to the donor kits !!
EPvP 4.1

New Features:
- New Spawn
- New PvP Arena
- Brand new virtual/portable shop system (5 total shops)
- Starting tutorial room
- Obsidian breaks in 5 hits
- Use /block instantly craft all ingots -> blocks
- Re-balanced economy
- 3 Minute GAPPLE cooldown
- MAJOR lag reducing tweaks
- Some website changes
- oAta_ has received Admin
- shields & mystery are now Moderators
30% OFF all kits/ranks/upgrades FOR THE REST OF JULY

Thanks for being patient and supporting us!

Also as of now Mob Arenas are under maintenance and hoppers are uncraftable

*Except a special few people <3
[Abyss] ca_rex Thanks for the update shadow, i wont be able to come online until Sunday tho! Looks like evryone is happy with 4.1
[Abyss] ExiteGraphics
ExiteGraphics @ EnchantedPVP
Special being scouse and hoodlum? ;D
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